Sunday, 14 February 2016

Real techniques bold metals 301 ♡

you can buy this this brush is the 301.

Why I liked this product

I liked this product because the bristles are really soft and gentle. They do not drag on the skin. They feel really good quality. The packaging is really nice and on this brush it is rose gold packaging and you can also see a reflection in it. It has the number of the brush on the back of the collar of the brush. Overall i really like this product/brush.

The price of this product

The price of this product is £22. I personally think that that is quite expensive for a brush however it is really nice quality. I brought these in a pack so if you want any other reviews on any of the brushes then  just let me know.

My rating of this product

I rate this product a 5***** because it is a really nice brush so I can look past the price.

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