Thursday, 18 February 2016

Primark tweezers ♡

You can buy these at They are called ps... 2 pack tweezers.

Why I liked this product

I liked this product because they are really good tweezers. They have a flat tip and a sharp tip so you can get different use out of both of them. I love both of them as they grab the hairs really easily and it doesn't hurt to much( but it is plucking your eyebrows so it still hurts a bit). They are also very pretty to look at and I personally really love copper and pearls so these were a God send.

The price of this product

The price of this product is £1.50 for both of them which I think is an amazing price for great quality tweezers.

My rating of this product

I would give this product a 5***** rating as there is nothing to fault in this product!

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