Thursday, 24 December 2015


If you hadn't already noticed it is x-mas eve and I am super exited. Because it is almost Christmas and I might get a few things I was thinking that I could maybe do some reviews on the products that I get ?

I hope you guys get everything you want for Christmas!! But we must remember that some people get nothing so as you are opening your presents tomorrow let us remember those who have nothing ! 

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Bourjouis Paris nail polish remover ♡

 you can buy this product at it is called Bourjouis Paris nail polish remover.

Why I liked this product

I liked this product because it does remove your nail in a few seconds, but I will say that it says it removes it in 1 second and it doesn't. When you have had it on your nails for a few seconds (after you have taken them out of the pot) it smells like fruits and it is quite a nice smell. It makes your nail stronger than they were before and also it makes nail polish application much easier because it smooths the surface of the nail.

The price of this product

The price of this product is normally £4.99 . I think that personally it is a good price  for the size of it and also how long it lasts.

My rating for this product

I rate this product a 5***** rating as i think that the price is good and the actual product is at an amazing quality!!!

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Monday, 14 December 2015

Sorry ♡

Sorry I haven't updated this blog I a while. I have been super busy, but I will try and post more. 

I think I might do some more lifestyles blogs on my phone and save the reviews for other posts .

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