Sunday, 3 July 2016

Bourjois health mix serum ♡

Why I liked this product

I liked this product because it is a light coverage and feels very light and is perfect for summer. It lasts on the skin all day long but when you want to take it of it comes of very easily and you don't find yourself scrubbing and tugging at your skin. it has a pump so it is super easy to get the product out of the bottle and also you can get the correct amount.

The price of this product

The price of this product is £10.99. I think that it is a good price for the product that you get as it feels very luxurious when you apply it and it also is packed full of product.

My rating for this product

I rate this product a 5***** because it is an amazing product and I love it alot and it is now my favourite foundation.

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